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    True You™ Mist is a sacred cleaner to purify and protect your physical and spiritual bodies. An ancient wisdom that is powerful for you, your home and your car. Infused with energetics; formulated to mist away stress and negative energy. Re-balances and refocuses you. One of a kind. Leaves your skin hydrated, glowing and your energy clear. Created to honor the "Old Sacred Ways", enhanced and activated as a facial hydro-mist for cell rejuvenation.


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    Skin Lover™ unique formula creates its first Emollient! A powerful assist to the body's ability to combat the stress and inflammation caused by radiation. Unbelievable immediate results! Excellent for over exposed skin. Good for sensitive and aging skin. Skin Lover combines antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to restore the skin's moisture balance and helps condition and revive the skin for a beautiful and meaningful YOU@


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    Hydro Repair™ unlocks your body's natural healing power! This hydrating serum is AMAZING and feels even better. It feeds your skin with radiance and revives it. Made up of various molecular weights of hyaluronic acids, marine extracts and amino acids that dive deep into your skin leaving it soft and beautiful! 


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    Advanced Face & Neck™ reduces the appearance of facial stress and sagging neck. Protects against oxidative stress and recreates tension by restoring the mitochondrial dynamism. It brightens the skin and improves the collagen stimulation, the extra peptides target elastin. The synergistic compilation of actives reduces inflammation whilst enhancing the body's ability to help with DNA damage. The Alteromonas Ferment Extract is from Antarctica, it regenerates and protects the skin and has shown to heal wounds. It keeps the lipid layer healthy, thanks to Foeniculum Vulgare Fruit Extract. Added with Milk Peptide Complex, this now reduces visible signs of aging by induction, the extra cellular matrix molecules in the dermis firms the skin and reduces wrinkle depth quickly and effectively.


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    Star Repair™ Instant Feel Good. A complex to optimize tightness of skin and pores. Super charges moisture by a microfluidizing technique. Molecular films extremely thin for mono layer function to spread that actives deep on the epidermis. Chondrus Crispus Extract increases hydration, reduces UV stress, big factor as the combined ingredients release specific antibacterial peptides. Accelerates the cellular reparation process of damaged tissue. Increase pro-collagen I synthesis, reduces skin roughness, stimulation tight function, as quick as 29 days. 


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    Coming Spring 2019! 


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    AQTIV Soult™ is charged and infused with vibrational frequency. Its "Draw Out" formula supports the release of toxic build up in both the skin and body system. Releases  trapped impurities that block your natural flow, causing stress and aging. Breaks up the over charged electro magnetic build up that you are carrying within. AQTIV SOULt, is not Sea Salt. It is activated and demonstrates a high healing effect. It is natural and sacred in the heart of African inland mines. Unprocessed, with no added chemicals, keeping the SOULt alive and pure  to do its best worQ. Lessening the inflammation within your body matrix. Leaving the skin and you feeling lighter, clearer of both skin and mental focus. An excellent tool to increase inner glow and vitality so you can be beautiful YOU


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    I AM BEAUTIFUL™ Candle - To Increase The Vibration of Beauty in and all around YOU! 


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    TO BE A WOMAN™ , Vanda's Signature BEST-SELLER Book  was  birthed to give women around the world a clear road map on how to awaken the power within them to release the blocks that get in the way of them achieving their goals and fulfilling

    their dreams! As you turn the page to the essence that is calling for you to pay attention to, you raise your awareness and shift the block that is keeping you from the ray of light within. Used as a best-read or daily tool, this book is a must-have for every woman to awaken to her highest potential! 


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