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AQTIV Soult™

  • AQTIV Soult™ is charged and infused with vibrational frequency. Its "Draw Out" formula supports the release of toxic build up in both the skin and body system. Releases  trapped impurities that block your natural flow, causing stress and aging. Breaks up the over charged electro magnetic build up that you are carrying within. AQTIV SOULt, is not Sea Salt. It is activated and demonstrates a high healing effect. It is natural and sacred in the heart of African inland mines. Unprocessed, with no added chemicals, keeping the SOULt alive and pure  to do its best worQ. Lessening the inflammation within your body matrix. Leaving the skin and you feeling lighter, clearer of both skin and mental focus. An excellent tool to increase inner glow and vitality so you can be beautiful YOU

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